Welcome to SiMA


The Smyrna Independent Merchants’ Association otherwise known as SiMA is a community organization united to promote the cultural and economic benefits of shopping locally and preserve Smyrna’s social, cultural, and economic well being. SiMA does this through public education programs stressing the benefits to the community and diverse ways in which shopping locally aids the Town.

SiMA works to ensure the success of Smyrna’s local independent businesses, so that we can continue to contribute to Smyrna’s rich character and vibrant quality of life. By preserving what is unique about our city, we can avoid becoming “Anywhere, USA.”

Buy Local Whenever Possible!!
The residents of Smyrna are famous for being actively involved in the betterment of their community. Likewise, the Smyrna Independent Merchants’ Association (SIMA) is dedicated to a different level of service. We play an active role in government policy and public awareness for a sustainable small business environment within the Town of Smyrna.

SiMA is a new and developing organization, open minded about the future of Smyrna and our organization. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.