Love Smyrna


The world in which we live today has evolved.  Just take one look at Sam Ridley Parkway and the growth over the last 10 years.  Smyrna continues to grow but in the midst of growth let us not forget the small independently owned businesses, which is what our nation was built on.

So how do we preserve small businesses? If every resident who is gainfully employed in Smyrna shopped at a local business in Smyrna and spent at least $50 a month, this would revolutionize our Town. Why? According to online sources like, for every dollar that is spent in a local independent store, 68% is returned to the community via taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. If that same dollar is spent at a national chain, 43% stays in the community

What can you do to help? We are starting a movement in Smyrna and would like for you to join – Love Smyrna. Love Smyrna is a movement committed to supporting local independent businesses.  We’ve dedicated the first week of every month as Love Smyrna week. During this time we challenge every resident to find at least 3 local businesses and shop.  You can use the website to see a list of businesses that have joined the movement. If you need an oil change, car repair, novelty items, lawn service, pest control, financial advice, banking needs, salon, computer services, buying a car, place to eat, whatever it may be, use the lovesmyrna website and love on these businesses.