Community Members

Community Members are someone who supports the SiMA Mission of shopping local in order to preserve and maintain the uniqueness and livability of our community but does not own a business.

Community members are open to individuals who want to make a difference in their community.

Although Community Members may not vote for members of the Board of Directors, they can be elected to the Board of Directors and all Community Members are welcome to attend the regular board meetings. Community Supporters are also encouraged to participate on advisory committees and be involved in all SiMA activities.

Regular SiMA newsletters will announce openings on committees and opportunities to participate in efforts to help promote the interests of locally owned, independent businesses.

Benefits for Community Members
Community members learn more about locally owned, independent businesses and receive discount opportunities from SiMA Businesses. Your membership in SiMA allows you to attend and participate in:

  • Community forums offered with like-minded individuals and business owners throughout Smyrna and surrounding communities.
  • The development of specific goals through advisory committees and community activities which promote the ideals of SiMA
  • Board and Membership meetings

As a Community Member  you will be afforded benefits.

  • Eligible for election to the Board of Directors
  • Regular newsletters emailed to both Business and Community Supporters include discount opportunities offered by business organizations.
  • A supporter card will be issued to you so that you can take advantage of SiMA Business offers.
  • You will receive the Business Directory of SiMA Business Members.

Your support will help SiMA advocate for independent Businesses by:

  • Your support will help SiMA advocate for independent Businesses by:
  • Monitoring governmental decision processes with the goal of fairness to, and enhancement of, independent businesses
  • Promoting community awareness of relevant issues
  • Maintaining communication with other community business organizations
  • Promoting the benefits of locating independent businesses in the Smyrna area

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